To begin…

I first became involved in violence prevention when my best friend was sexually assualted during our vacation in July of 2006 — I was 16.  Since then, I have become very involved, to the point where it was my educational focus in college.  I graduated last May with a bachelor’s of science in psychology with a focus on conflict resolution. I am now involved in a program where I will be spending the next year on a college campus working with the issues of domestic and sexual violence and stalking.

My job involves providing one-on-one pseudo-counseling sessions with survivors, and allies of survivors. I will be helping them navigate the criminal justice and/or medical systems if that’s what they choose. Additionally, I will be working to educate the student body and prevent further incidents of violence.

What I’m hoping this will become is my way of tracking fears, anxieties, goals and accomplishments.  I am not expecting it to be popular or read by anybody really, I’m doing it for myself and hoping that maybe it will reach a few others.

Anyways, I’ll check back in on Monday.


About givethemstrength

This is my journey as a domestic and sexual violence advocate on a college campus. I will be talking about my daily struggles and accomplishments, but will not be giving any specifics or identifying information.

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