Gratitude and success

I almost started crying at my other job this weekend (I work at a restaurant).  There is a client I have been working with for a few weeks, helping with a restraining order, the court process and everything that comes with.  Unfortunately, during a domestic violence incident the police came and arrested the victim as the abuser.  Tomorrow is the arraignment to plead guilty or innocent, and their lawyer has been unresponsive for the past few days and they are understandably very nervous.  I called them last week to check in and make sure they still watned me to accompany them to court tomorrow.  After the call, they said they would email me all of the information for the court when they got home.  I got the email on Saturday and it was the most rewarding thing I have ever seen. The last paragraph was them thanking me/my agency for our assistance and support.  My favorite part is “Words can not express how grateful I am. I am not sure if I could be so strong during this process without you and (the agency”.

This email made my weekend, and made me feel like I was doing something right.  This was the client that made me question boundaries/how I approach clients and has really been a good learning experience for me.  It is great to know that even though I don’t have all the answers and struggle at times, I am still making a difference and helping someone.  This is exactly the reason I got involved in the work and I couldn’t ask for more.


About givethemstrength

This is my journey as a domestic and sexual violence advocate on a college campus. I will be talking about my daily struggles and accomplishments, but will not be giving any specifics or identifying information.

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