So every morning when I get into the office I open 5 websites:
WMUR news
Filing Jointly (hilarious blog, seriously, check her out)
The Bloggess (another great blog)
Sometimes Sweet (I love her posts about being a parent/music/tattoos/life)
Feminspire (basically an online magazine about women’s issues/interests…so basically everything)

Today on feminspire I was reading an article about a story on Fox News about“The War on Men” and it mentioned a forum/website for ‘men’s rights and Men’s Rights Activists’.  I decided to take a look…BAD DECISION.  It is so utterly offensive and disgustingly misogynistic. Now, I would call myself a feminist, but to me that doesn’t mean that men are evil or that women are better, I just believe that there should be no discrimination between genders (male OR female).  I find this website insulting both to me as a woman and to my profession. Some of my favorite quotes:


“Feminism – a highly communicable form of mental illness” (the signature of a member whose name is “Woman Hater” and has a tagline of “Unapologetic Misogynist”)

Another member quotes Adolf Hitler in their signature.

“If she were serious about being a good wife…she’d be a pleasant, well-mannered housewife taking care of her family, and we’d never know she existed.” (I added the bold for emphasis)


All of these quotes are just from one thread.  If you’re feeling particularly enraged today and want to continue that feeling, please, go check out this site and let me know what you think.  Am I just overreacting?